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So you are ready to take the plunge! You have gone through the process, you did your research, you perfected your product, you stood in the long business registration lines and got it done. At this time you deserve applause and have every right to feel accomplished. Now after putting in that work on the field you are seeing slow progress. Don't panic, we understand your struggles and have only solutions to offer you. We are a real company, that believes in realistic prices and most importantly we will not leave your side until you have accomplished what you deserve.

Here is what "The Entrepreneur" includes, it is a fluid one-page layout that includes all of the elements needed to make your site a success. It covers all your main topics, such as intro, about, services and product description, gallery and contact. The new fresh layout has the perfect amount of animations and picture effects to make it stand out. If you have additional content that you would like to add, you can use lightboxes. Don't worry I know the lingo can be a bit much to understand that is why we offer a complimentary consultation that will explain it all.

Young Vlogger



from $975.00

2 Installment Payments



  • *Custom site design by Mollan Design 

  • Includes 2 main pages & 3 pop-up lightboxes

  • Search engine optimization

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Up to (2) sets of revisions

  • Domain connection

  • Online training resources

  • Post-launch site support (1 hour)

  • All website designs include royalty-free stock photography when utilized.

Not included:

  • Annual WIX web hosting

  • Domain (must be purchased separately)

  • 1-on-1 training of the WIX editor



  • Blog set up and customization

  • eCommerce 

  • ​​Copywriting 

  • Logo design

  • Branding strategy 

  • Social media design

  • Social media management

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